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Sunday, 16 October 2016

These Pages Were In Colour...Then THEY Wiped My Brain

It's the only answer I can come up with.  I was going through some old saved images and I came across these.  They are pages from the final part of the Dr Morg Trilogy -but in colour!

I can only assume these were done by brother Mike but when and what for I have no idea.

Here's an open 'secret': had the Dr Morg Trilogy been in colour the cost of the book would have been three times what it is as a black and white book.

I'm going back to the old Paul Brown covers so if you wanted a copy with the EST (Epileptic Seizure Test) cover -too late.  That is now going to be a very rare book and I have the only copies with that cover.

Anyway, rather than just hiding these colour pages I thought I'd show them here.  Enjoy.

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