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Thursday, 27 October 2016

UK Comics In Isolation?

I've been watching the various vlogs/blogs and most of those involved are getting 10 to 13 titles a month now and some are cutting back on even that considering the cost of comics now.  There is no question of disliking comics, simply the cost of comics in the UK.

Most of those who are still buying are dropping most Marvel titles and that seems to be across the board. Di$ney ("Marvel") seem to have lost all its old innovative creativeness as editors turn into "Yes Men" for the corporate Di$ney cash cow.

In the UK postal increases have hit hard anyway. Most people in the Small Press/Self Publishing are not selling to the US, Europe or anywhere outside the UK.  You would think that with the devalued £ many outside the UK would take advantage and buy books while they are cheap but, no.

It's all pretty grim.

Not cheering you up? Welcome to MY world.

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