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Sunday, 21 May 2017

I Wish They Had Bothered To Tell Me About This!!

I just found First Comics News published a few years old interview with me on 13th January, 2015.  Is it not supposed to be polite to notify an interviewee that you are doing this and ask if it is permissible to publish such an out~of~date item?

Really awfully out~dated Black Tower logo and that Gothic text....eeeuw.

See what I mean?

They could have contacted me and gotten an up~to~date interview as this is the old Phil Latter interview from...bloody hell, it was re~posted to the old Comic Bits in 2010 so it was well over five years old in 2015. (the interview is actually from 2005!!)

First Comics News...Half A Decade Later Comic News more like. But this is the internet and they want to make their site look good with a very old interview as space filler....but they had no permission what~so~ever to use personal family photographs without my permission.


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  2. However, it was NOT all rosey at SBC and checking my email records for 2007 I withdrew permission to use interviews I had also conducted ~and a couple others from SBC walked. I won't go into why here as I am no longer interested. The point is that ettiquette in publishing, whether print or online, is normally to ask whether it is okay to reprint or whether the interviwee wanted to add an update. I'm guessing this is Rik Offenberger? I had no idea you were still with FCN which is WHY I contacted you AFTER this piece. I was going to delete the post but that would leave your comment making me look bad.