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Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Paranormals

Yes, it was inevitable. I have to say that I never thought it was going to happen but another animation studio pulled out of The Paranormals.

Why?  Well "the idea and concept were great, original, had story and twists." So what was the problem?


Yeah, I really need the money but that was the problem.  There would be no money up front.  Also I noticed "original concept" and "project based on" which seemed odd.  So what was the deal?

I had to sign away the rights to characters as well as any merchandising and publications based on The Paranormals.  Then, if the series was purchased by a TV licensing company I would receive a one off "concept payment".

So off went my email stating absolutely not under any circumstances. Apparently I was throwing away a great opportunity (??) and being greedy for wanting to retain rights to characters and concepts I had created.

It was not an amicable parting.

I am NOT going to be added to the huge list of creators ripped off.  Sooner be poor and struggling.

Oh well......

Here is the post based on the previous development of an animated series. Read and learn kids.

The Paranormals. Character designs from the animated series that never happened!

I have discussed this comic that was to take over from IPCs  The Supernaturals but don't think I showed these the animator of the proposed TV series sent?

The original 20 plus pages Paranormals story was published in Tales of Terror 3!
Paperback,A4Black and white 62 Page Price: £8.00 (excl. VAT)Prints in 3-5 business days Each year Black Tower likes to bring you a little bit of extra horror/ghostly goodness in Tales of Terror. In the third volume there are contributions by Ben R. Dilworth -Krakos and Merriwether. While Paul Ashley Brown brings us the tales of The Worlds Best Mom and revisits his fear of trees! Darron Northall and Danny Jenkins bring us the horrific tale of Bud and Lou Go To Hell while George McQueens The Bat deals out justice and Art Wetherell's one pager is designed to make men wince! And, , Terry Hooper-Scharf finally includes issue 1 of The Paranormals to make this a true horror/ghost fest book!

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