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Friday, 26 May 2017

You See ~The SJWs Give Some Comic Book People A Reason To Go on

But more obviously to boost views of their video blogs and online blogs.

I have just watched some You Tube videos and the number ranting against the SJWs and then at Tom Brevoort and Marvel has risen to near epic proportions.

The SJWs lost the war on comics when it was proven time and time again their attacks showed they had never read a comic.  Marvel lost because they had some idea that jumping into bed with the SJWs would get them readers.  DO NOT listen to the people who read your comics but listen to those who do not and never will.  We know how that worked out.

The fact that Brevoort insults the people who used to ~used to~ buy Marvel Comics (most video /online bloggers seem to be down to one or no Marvel titles each week) as well as insults artists and allows the writers he is supposed to be in charge of do the's why Marvel tries to buy oin cheap artists until that backfires.  Marvel editors and writers are out of control ~the writers need to be reminded they are just writing comic scripts not the Great American Novel.  Big money or little money that is all we comic writers do.  Write comics.  Try publishing the actual scripts, no art, just the scripts and see how well they sell.

Editors are supposed to edit and keep their writers in line.  Writers walk? There are hundreds out there who can step in and do as well if not better.

That Di$ney with its family image allows this surprises me because it loses readers and money ~unless they are trying to shut Marvel Comics down?

"Shock Jock" videos full of verbal abuse and obscenities is simply trying to get attention. At least two You Tube vloggers have said they want to go into proper video production and leave YT.  It is about getting the views and monetizing and saying "Hey fund me on Patreon for more videos like this and so I can move off You Tube!" gives the game away.  The fact that their knowledge of comics is VERY limited reveals a lot.

Go to YT for "My Comics Rant!"/ "My Marvel Comics Rant!"/ "My SJW and Comics Rant!"  this is making it clear these people do not care about comics (again some are so little comic knowledge and the "I am so angry and ++++++ angry about what they've done in this title I haven't even read it!!" line...I say no more.

It's as pointless as someone saying, when challenged, "Go on, why don't you use the Racist card?" Because they think that stops you arguing against them.

If SJWs, these Comic Wannabe Crusaders (CWCs) and bug up their arses comic writers just went off and had sex twice a week maybe the world would be a better place?

Comics are supposed to be escapist fun.  Find one or more you enjoy.  Buy.  Read. Stay offline. Have fun.  Life is way too short for this crap. Collect action figures and toys.  PLAY WITH THE FECKING THINGS! We all jump into the dark one day and what good is your pristine carded He Man or CGC 9.5 copy of Avengers #57 going to do for you then? You know the comics deteriorate in those plastic cases....and damp does get in?

I recall passing a doorway at Marvel UK in the 1980s and there was an editor playing wwith the action figure toyline, uh, "references". And a good few comics open on the floor.  He might have been thinking of a script...?   Never saw me but I thought "Living the life!"

Ignore the crap.  Enjoy yourselves.  Get your kids if you have any into comics. Ignore Ebay crooks (in the UK its hard since so few shops carry old back issues).  Buy and read.  Fun.

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