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Friday, 19 May 2017

Was I RIGHT About Di$ney and Marvel?

It seems that the idea that Di$ney is gradually making Marvel less and less of an independent company is seriously thought of as credible.

I know some people in the business market and they say Di$ney stopped Marvels online gambling franchise (I never knew there was one) and put its own people into Marvel Comics (which I did know) and even taking Marvel as a theme park idea into its own theme park....and there are other things.

 "Isn't this news?" I asked.  "Who cares?" I was told "No one is the least bit interested in Marvel comics because it's a spent commercial force with the exception of merchandise that sells more and the movies.  Marvel is little more than a small company now and under the control of Di$ney world publishing"

And it is the merchandising and movies most people consider as the money making side of things. A few emails and same story. As a former Marvelite from 6 years of age to around 54...that is sad. But IF you get away from all the SJW/Brevoort/poor quality books issues and look at what is going on it makes sense.

I really do think Di$ney would mothball Marvel Comics and just have the merchandising and movie as money spinners.


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