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Friday, 12 May 2017

They said "But is it worth the effort?"

Firstly, the person in Italy who purchased one of my books (D~Gruppe Zeit Geist Saga) ~THANK YOU!

Now, the last few days I have not really bothered with CBO or the internet. No inspiration. And not a single Independent comic publisher or small presser out there interested in promoting their book(s). See, this is the publisher(s) actually working at not staying around for long.

 I was pointed in the direction of several sites where small comic publishers bemoaned not getting any press or reviews. The same person who sent me the links actually responded and gave my contact info and a link to CBO. Two publishers responded "But is it worth the effort?"

Firstly, this shows that they are not serious about comic publishing because if they were they would take every opportunity to promote and try to sell their books.  Secondly, why moan and complain about no coverage of their books and yet, when given a link to do so just shrug?  It seems that at times people want to go the failed Marvel way of blaming comic buyers, comic media and everyone else.....almost a "sympathy" call or just wanting attention as an under dog.

Welcome to comics in 2017!

May be back soon but no idea when.

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