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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Is Di$ney Running Down Marvel Comics To Close The Company?

I posted the video about Marvel's (Di$neys) Tom Brevoort because it sums up the whole situation.

Average sales of a title at around 25,000 is poor for a company like Marvel.  And, yes, I posted before on Brevoort before.  He is, and looks like, a meat head.  He seems to think permanently wearing a tiny hat on his head makes him hip and cool. He looks like a sad mid~life crisis case.  He got his job my screwing people over and re~writing his own history at Marvel.

Now, under Brevoort Marvel has literally pissed all over it's fans.  They lost me years ago.  They lost many others in the last ten years.  Brevoort has a long history of not discussing but out~rightly insulting comic creators as well as fans.   He has also allowed, almost made it policy, that any writer gets a question they do not like....they can go and insult the fan asking. Look online ~there is example after example after example. Brevoort does not care.

He is running Marvel Comics into the ground and there is speculation that this may be under Di$ney instructions so that sales go so low "no one is interested in comics now ~so we'll cancel them all!"  Then Di$ney can make the real money from things they understand like merchandise and movies (which make more money than the comics).

Simply put, Brevoort is kicking fans away and encouraging writers to do like~wise and also letting writers kick the artists they work with for drawing what they wrote!

What made Marvel Comics at a time when they were "just junk" ~material for the semi literate. A thing most people would not use to wipe their asses?

Stan Lee.  And, yes, even old timers from DC admit this.  Lee knew that you had to build up the readership. "The fans hated it ~change it!"  He got good scripters.  Top notch artists and he became the showman.  The man the media loved.  Fans loved.  Why?  Because he was friendly and would talk to everyone (the opposite of what he was like in real life) and listened to what the fans said. Lee knew that without the readers...Marvel made no money. Everyone would be out if a job. Stan Lee, at the time the only real  way fans could meet and talk to a comic "face" ~and fanzines ditto.

Brevoort has gone the opposite route.

And the one thing I notice about the bloggers and video bloggers responding to all this and attacking Brevoort's attitude is that they are simply "joining in".  The Marvel Age cover shown: I did not need to go and Google it and still go, "I think" and "uh" and "If I'm right" ~I knew.  Any long time Marvel comics fan knew.  A lot of these bloggers have been reading comics for ten years at the most and that is their reference so they cannot really challenge a statement with how good Marvel was because they were not into comics back then. When I started reading comics most of these "let's hit back at Marvel" folk were 20~25 years away from being conceived!

"Let's attack the SJWs!" (Socially Justified Warriors) you know because, like, they have no clue about the diversity in Marvels past or its history.  Well, neither do these anti~SJWs.

Is it to be "part of the crowd"?  Or to look hip or to boost their own view stats?  Could be a combination but the point is that it does not matter what the SJWs or anti SJWs/Brevoorts say or write.  It is the comic buyers and real fans.  If they are not buying comics because of poor writing and some (not all) mediocre art and the way Brevoort (Marvel) insults them to the point that an average title sales figure is 25,000 then Di$ney loses money because of what one of their executives at Marvel and his employees are doing.

At what point does Di$ney get rid of Brevoort?  When Marvel Comics closes down.  There could be no better example of bad business management and this is not like Di$ney because they love the $ so why are they letting this happen?  That is the question you should all be asking.

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