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Monday, 6 April 2015

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That Shoo-wap!

The Ultimate Centaur Collection 2011

Interesting to read a new post by fellow blogger Subzero.  Also interesting to find out is that Erik Larsen posted a link to Subzero's "Savage Dragon" posting on his own Face Book page.  No one famous reads my blog.

I'm crying.

Anyway, good to hear that while he was undergoing physio rehab, Subzero enjoyed his copy of The Ultimate Centaur Collection  -time for a store link!

The thing is that I now, thanks to a lot of internet searching, have the first adventures of most of the Centaur characters.  It is a long way off, if ever, but it would be nice to see these all collected in one black and white book for posterity.  These collections certainly do not make me money but are works of love (awwwww).

If it does happen it will be a retirement project since business is so bad I'm still looking at retiring from comics at the end of 2015.  So it will be a slow process....I guess I'm saying if you want a book of Centaur strips buy the current one!

And WHY in black and white?  Simple: cost.  The current collection of strips in black and white is 148 pages for £15.00.  Now, if that was a colour book the cost would be £25.38.  That is £10.38 more expensive which is only any good if there was a LOT of interest in Centaur comics and buying such a collection.

"I would!" someone is saying but let me put that in perspective:  when I announced the book and listed contents I had ten (10) people state on my groups (Yahoo) that they would "Absolutely definitely buy this!"  No copies have sold.  I buy copies to send to friends who are interested and that's it. A fan project and not a commercial project.

Again, there were lots of promises of fan art.  Nothing turned up.

I have to go into these projects as a fan and not expecting the books to sell because people do not want books but colour scans that they can get online.  And to most comic buyers now if it ain't Marvel, DC, Dark Horse or Image it's not worth bothering with.

Take the Ultimate British Golden Age Comics Collection -some of the rarest, almost impossible to find UK Golden Age comics collected into a big book after the pages have been cleaned and repaired and since 2010 -two sales.  The books as separate volumes or as the Ultimate book have been publicised and even sites like downthetubes and so on have mentioned them. Nothing.

It is why I am concentrating on The Green Skies and a special give-away insert. That will be revealed once the book is ready and the insert will NOT be available via

And now to work!

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