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Thursday, 2 April 2015

And The Total Number Of Pages So Far Is....

Right. I understand most of you are NOT interested in The Green Skies but some people are and they have asked for up-dates so.....

After today's drawing session ended I did some tidying up (or what passes for tidying up), bagged my 1940s-1950s comic annuals, bagged up some other books and looked at the very bulky A3 portfolio bag...

This is the bag!

Wanna see what's inside?
 How about a side shot of my bulging bag?

Now to prove a point here is a lovely red ruler to show the thickness of all that artwork.  In case you are wondering -I have ten rulers. See? Another fact for my biography!

That's over 6 inches (15 cms).  But I know what you are asking: "How many pages?"  Well, as of today 324 pages.  So my guess that the book will reach 400 pages isn't that ridiculous.

I have more action to draw, "events in space" and the genocide on Mars plus the final confrontation which means that it might even end up at 420-430 pages.

And I don't care as I'm just enjoying myself at the moment and this is my final big book and the end of the trilogy which started in 1987.

It's this or go out monster hunting.  Apart from paper or scissor/knife cuts -drawing is the safest.

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