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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Explanation: Do I Blame Disney For Marvels Screw Up?

I need to point something out. In my last post about...the mess comics are in, when I referred to Marvel I was not talking about Disney, who own Marvel.

Disney prides itself on family friendliness.  It seems to have let Marvel comics go its own way but how long before they notice the poor sales and, worse for a company like Disney, the  negative image Marvel has and that will deflect on them?

Disney is often described as Draconian behind the scenes as everything has to be perfect and family friendly.  They pride themselves on giving paying customers a good experience ~that is good business.

Imagine that a visitor to a Disney store or theme park says "I don't really like Beauty and the Beast" and a member of staff or a manager replies "You jerk. You watch what we make and like it. Its asses like you screw things up!"   Well, staff member or Manager....vacancy. Disney would not stand for that.

So, despite what I've said before about Disney they DO understand that the customer may often be an idiot but he/she IS a customer and puts money in their bank account.

One day Disney is going to pay attention.

Why haven't all these anti~SJWs or "disgruntled fans" complained to Disney because if ALL these people did you know someone would do something....and there goes their reason to live!

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