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Thursday, 27 July 2017

SJW v Anti SJW Get Wise: It Is ALL A Con Because They Think Comic Fans Are Morons

So a couple years back there was all the internet gossip about Marvel's big boy, Tom Brevoort, joining in on a Twitter attack started by some DC Comics nobody editor.  The attacks were against Rob Liefeld.  DCs boy was responding to allegations Liefeld made (that were true and could be verified) about the mess DC was getting into with changes to a comic which was approved....then changes demanded and on and on..

The up~shot was that Big Boy Brevoort stated Liefeld was a hack and that was why Marvel wouldn't employ him.

But as I mentioned, this seewmed odd since it was reported by fans that Liefeld, Brevoort and the DC editor (I can't remember his name) had all been seen laughing and joing together.

Well, Brevoort said Liefeld was out to feck them!

Then, on 1st March, 2017: Deadpool: Bad Blood Brewing

So who decided the 'porn' artist should be offered work at Marvel ~he was never asked before over preceding decades?

Who decided to advance release that cover image to create the, uh, totally 'unexpected' backlash in the United States?

Marvel Comics.

Remember that 'controversial' and subsequently pulled Batgirl cover that was advanced released and created "an internet storm/backlash" ?  Publicity that would have cost a million or more dollars with no guarantee of success.  Get it to the right 'source' who can kick things off.

I wonder....why did someone at DC Comics decide to do that?  Ahem.

Let's be honest, editorially and creatively, Marvel Comics is a spent force.  I've read some of the books currently out and they are awful.  

And we know who are to blame ~those goddam Socially Justified Warriors.  The Mutha~humpin SJWs!!!

I spent a week watching You Tube videos, reading blogs of the anti~SJW bloc.  Very revealing.

I am not going to give individuals publicity.  That is what they want.  Marvel's America has some nice artwork.  However, the story...leaves a lot to be desired.  However, the anti SJW you Tuber responds to the "f~~~~~ gay/sexual idetification agenda" and one even says "Wait a minute while I look for something..."  Oh. Maybe notes before making a video?  "Okay, she wishes she could see her f~~~~ same sex f~~~~ parents one last time!" And part way through "I have no idea who this character is. America turns up and the bitch is  pleased to see her and they have sex ~not shown~ and then America flies off!"  More swearing and asking why he should give a f about this character as he has no idea "who the f she is....admittedly I've not read issues 2 and 3..."  Wait. What?  You browsed through #1 and then jump into #4 and because you cannot identify a character in a story you have not read that is "shit" writing?

Another, showing an image of America's gay parents rages "Okay she's a f bull~dyke we know that!" then more that seems to indicate a problem with gay characters more than anything else.

Then another You Tuber, admitting it, notes how he went onto a certain comic writers twitter to insult her and , guess what? She insults him back!!!  This one in particular is blocked by a few creators. He is rude and offensive and even justifies that he does this to make the creators "get back on track" and create good comics.  He states twice he is doing this for us and the comic industry.  When someone has criticised the use of the term "SJW" to attract viewers  he justifies it, more than once amidst a torrent of obscenities with the fact that of course SJW is used in titles because it raises the number of viewers or hits.  

Now, this is egomania. It also proves that the only reason he constantly uploads "SJW" rants is to attract more viewers who he hopes will subscribe and contribute to his patreon as he wants to get to a better platform than You Tube ~he says so.

The anti~bloc seem to love hurling very sexualized abuse while filling the air or blogs with as much obscene language as they can "for us". They also make enough comments that make you understand they are quite conservative one even notes how his big mistake was saying he voted Trump simply because he lost a lot of viewers ~the viewers and views are what matter to him.  Attention of a lot of people.  

There are a few good points made by some of these people who claim to be well educated but not well enough educated to know that you start hurling obscenities and then sexualized abusive comments at women you lose.  Straight out lose.  "If you have to resort to hurling obscenities in a debate it proves you have no case. You have lost".  Or maybe it is a release these people need from their every day dull lives? 

“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer."

[Mark Twain, a Biography]” 
― Mark Twain

Or it might just be that they cannot debate or put forward a real argument which is why they fly through pages of a comic looking for some thing ~anything~ to criticize while downing beers? Spencer W. Kimball wrote:

“Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.” 

But the SJWs can be just as childish.  Some resort to obscenities while others seem to have a list of "quick responses"  ready for any nasty comment.  Most of the SJWs are conservative and despite what they say do seem to have an aversion to "gays".  The SJWs tend to be more "Leftie" ~as the anti SJW bloc keep screaming.

Now I have been watching, listening and reading this stuff for weeks.  Then concentrated a lot more time to this SJW and Anti SJW nonsense. What is going on?

Well, remember all those internet trolls who liked to cause trouble until the law and internet service providers came down on them?  Before people on the net realized that you can identify these trolls and report them because they actually believed using silly internet names to hide themselves worked in the 21st century.
 Remember how the "flamers" used to jump onto blogs to create "flame wars" ~usually so people went to their blogs or groups they were on to see the latest installment on the argument?  These were and are people who have no real work so plenty of time to snipe at each other.  Say something about someone and when caught out change blog text and say "I never wrote any such thing!"  Those people are still around and mostly lurk around comic forums.  Sad and possibly very lonely people who crave attention....some based on the glories (as they see it) of 30 plus years ago. you know where they all went.  Though I have to note some of the more feeble minded ones are still stuck in groundhog days!

Marvel and DC comics, using press releases, "media mouthpieces" or simply sending items to blogs they know will trigger a reaction are doing so to stay in the news or be a focus of attention and also because they see insulting fans as an attention getter.  Under Stan lee this would never have happened: he respected the fans and that is why Marvel succeeded so well.  Roy Thomas came from fandom (and he edits a fan magazine today, Alter Ego) and so he respected the fans.  Jim Shooter respected the fans. Marvel did well.

And now...bad editing, bad writing and insulting fans for not buying what they are told to buy added to outright lies.  Of all things the creators are insulting, very rudely, fans even if they are just asking a question and Marvel editors and bosses condone this. Marvel ain't doing so well.  

Just be aware that from every side you are being fed crap. Don't visit the sites or channels of SJWs or Anti SJWs.  You see the "SJW" attached to a posting or video then ignore it.  All they want is attention and your views on the counter and, if they can get it, your money to fund them. The companies support this stuff.

Go to a fan friendly site.  There are some left.

So the question I keep asking is "Where are the real comic fans?"

Seriously, all this is going on and comics are getting worse and events getting more expensive and media or entertainment events with comic books given less space or publicity (look at San Diego Comic Con).  Real ~real~ comic fans buy and collect comics. They love comics. If they get together with other real comic fans it can be fun. But real comic fans tend to be quiet.  They don't hurl abuse at creators or others in comics.  They just want to read and enjoy good comics.

In all of this lying, SJW v Anti SJW...this mess that comics have become, no one even thinks about the real comic fans. 

that's my thruppence worth.

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