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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sad Lad TV...It WILL Offend You!!

I know a few regulars are aware I once had a VERY brief career as a Punk Rock, aka " Tel F###" star with a record titled "**** You You ****!"  I was also a masked wrestler Mad Monster Mongo) until dim wit fellow wrestler Giant Haystacks did my knees in!  

Below: writing and recuperating after my last wrestling match.

BUT how many of you recall the 1990s boom in cable TV channels such as Bravo?  Anyone recall "The Sad Lads Pad" featuring myself?  The studio being set on fire after lightning struck put an end to the series after six episodes though one vicar (WHY was he watching?) called it "An act of the Almighty!"

It was the 1990s and cable TV was the big new thing. And cable TV NEEDED programmes to attract viewers. Now, I was working with Channel 4 an ITV and BBC on ideas so when the opportunity arose...I was in!

There were two scripts for the comedy TV series but the BBC was full of idiots even back then.  So go live.  Do a live show in front of an audience. Cable Channel TV was struck by lightning just after the third show went out and then it was discovered there was no insurance coverage.  Everyone bailed....quickly!

The book, Sad Lad TV was in the vein of How To Be A Complete Bastard by Ade Edmondson. One strip survives.

EVERYONE is going to be offended by this!!!

Note: This last saw the light of day in 2007 hence the editor's note at the bottom of one page!

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