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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Give Up

Months of solid work. And this may show my attitude to publishing at the moment. 

From Beyond Time & Space

I am currently dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" but the new book is, basically, finished.  It is the heftiest book I've written (the actual Report On Unidentified Flying Objects was almost 2000 pp but that was a report).

The previous books  were all over 300 pp and I considered Pursuing to be tiny!  From Beyond Time & Space has over 530 pages and is over 168,369 words.

If you have ever wondered whether there is evidence of visitors from beyond Earth amongst the thousands of CE3K /Alien Entity cases on record or asked whether there is any truth to the whole "Grey Agenda" then this book is for you.  If you want to learn lessons from the past treatment of alleged alien abductees or how to deal with these cases scientifically, then, again, this book is for you.

As for the cases looked at ~some have never been published before.  Others may surprise you.

And yesterday afternoon I updated things

Book Covers (Variant)

Yes, the cover illustrations are  from cases in the book and may not be super~slick but they are pertinent.

The top cover will probably be used on the smaller 18 x 24 cms book while the one below will go on the larger A4  (30 x 21 cms) version. 

With decades of work and MONTHS of writing, editing and up~dating the cover price of £25.00 is cheap. VERY cheap.

And today, after a LOT  of thinking overnight til about 15:00hrs today:

High Strangeness Book Cancelled

The book will not see publication during November.  Publication date is on long term hold.

I just could not bare looking and seeing no sales again.  Sheer frustration with the fact that people do not want to read books or comics unless it is trash.  I have Black Tower Super Heroes 2~8 and another comic album that are complete but there is no longer a publication date.  Apart from one recent sale to the US which, after US taxes left me with not enough to buy one of my cheapest books I gave in.

I have done everything I can to attract customers but like CBO, why put more effort into all of this.  I have my copies and that will soon be it.

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