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Friday, 17 November 2017

Titan Books: Octopussy ~The Classic Comic Strip Collection 1966~1969

    Writer Jim Lawrence  Artist  Yaroslav Horak
    Black & white
    Dimensions 27 x 29 cms
    ISBN: 9781785653254
    Available 24th November 2017
    £29.99 (check online for better prices)

James Bond is back in action in this deluxe omnibus with four timeless tales starring Agent 007. Featuring the iconic Octopussy and The Hildebrand Rarity, based on the short stories by Ian Fleming, which are presented alongside The Harpies and River of Death, two unique adventures created by Jim Lawrence. These lavishly presented, high-action adventures are restored from the original Daily Express comic strips.

I have written this so many times before but the Titan Books reprints of these newspaper strips are incredible.  Crisp black and white and, having seen some of the parts to the strips herein when they were first printed in newspapers, this book is like a Christmas present for the eyes.

Art this time is by Yaroslav Horak ~probably a name unknown to anyone under 40! So...

Horak draws Bond like a man who has been through the rough end of a meat grinder. That tough and ready Connery look with a few extra "hard~lines" chiseled into the face.  I was never fond of the character Trudi ~her eyes are a bit too large for me (I have that problem with Manga!) but all the other women are wonderfully drawn.  Does he draw Octopussy to look like Maud Adams? LOL  Having read all of the Bond books up to John Gardener's Colonel Sun I can tell you that the movies have little in them from the books.  And Octopussy is definitely not drawn like Adams ~you'll need to either read the Bond book this one to see why that is so funny.

If you like you spy action and stories with a few twists with a touch of criminals as well as Cold War then this one is for you!

Horak and Lawrence's team up on this is well remembered!

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