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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Hasbro Action Figures...or Eaglemoss?

I was asked which was the best to go for when it came to comic related figures.  It really depends on what you want.  I have an Eaglemoss Captain Britain on top my computer...
Now, I have a lot of 3.75 inch action figures though my two "holy grails" I have never found in the UK unless some crook wants to make a huge profit.  From the US the postage is well too high.

My grail figures that would complete my Avengers set.
Anyway, I used to keep some action figures on the desk or shelves but finding stands that are for these can be very expensive (dealers seem to sell these separate to the figure !).  So unless you want to do a lot of posing figures and photographing them I would suggest the Eaglemoss figures.  No articulation but nice solid bases -Captain Britain is the only one I have but the stand weight alone means these babies are not going to fall over if you breath on them!
And look what you can buy -Alien and Predator figures and if you are big into the Marvel movies....
Again, I don't own any of these but I think we can all see where my money would be spent!
Now, you call these mini statues because they are not toys!  But there are the pretend Guardians of the Galaxy from the movies....
DC is covered as are The Walking Dead and Star Trek so you can check what's available here:

As I say, Hasbro figures I only have 3.75" -I think they are all Hasbro!-  Sadly, NOT the Giant Man figure (I have the 6" Legends but not big enough to look good with the 3.75).  The Titan size Ant Man has to substitute at the moment!
 Above: Marvel Legends Giant Man
Below: Titan Ant Man!

Hopefully the recent Toy Fair videos have given you some idea of what is or going to be out there. I certainly cannot afford to buy and review!

But the Eaglemoss figures are the ones you see on a lot of comic fans videos, standing on comic shelves.  So they look good. For posing -Hasbro or other brands.

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