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Monday, 19 February 2018

Someone queried ...I Respond

Someone queried what I said I made from sales since they could not understand how my book selling via the online store made me more money 
than if it were sold via Amazon, Book Barn or Barnes & Noble so here is the breakdown regarding the Ultimate British Golde Collection as explain 
by the Print on demand service (lulu):


Base Price (what it costs to print):

Net Profit (from sale of book)

Retailer Share (Amazon, B&N, etc):

Lulu Share

You Make

You get it now? I buy the old material which is not cheap.  I then spend weeks cleaning up the art, repairing any faults (tears in pages, heavy foxing or even taped up pages) until they are ready.  I then scan, clean up anything that needs cleaning up, re-size and then convert pages to pdf where I will also need to make sure each page (of hundreds) are correctly sized and have the right dpi.  Everything put into one pdf file, uploaded, then all the online stuff is done and -there's the book.

The Collected Gold book is the culmination of many months of work and expense.  I get £2.64 for all of that from a sale (in the US that £2.64 will be taxed!) while the major book seller gets £12.50 for  just saying "I want a copy".  The purchaser is getting the book post free because I am paying for postage.

Remember that this is for a 400+ pages book.  Think how I feel getting 50p or £1.20 for other books while the book  company does nothing and laps up the money.  And people who contact me and say they got a book because it was post free wonder why I don't jump up and down thanking them? 

It is for this reason that a lot of the bigger books are now getting deleted.  The UK Gold collection, Return of the Gods, etc., should be gone by Friday and I have no plans to republish them as yet. The smaller volumes 1-5 will still be available but, obviously, material only in the bigger book will not.

I hope that makes it clear -I just do not make huge profits and any smaller books are give-aways. Buy comics and don't publish them, kids!

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