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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Heaven & Earth -I Remember 1973!

I come from the past.

Back in 1973 I purchased the Heaven & Earth LP after my third pay day. 50p -TEN SHILLINGS! I still have the LP in perfect condition but no record player.

For 30 years I searched the internet, music mags and anywhere else I could to find more info on them. Nothing. People thought I was making this all up then, about ten years ago I got an email from a fella who had the LP and put it onto disc -he sent me a copy.
40+ years on everyone is NOW discovering the group!  Which means that I've been enjoying the songs for longer than 99.8% of those now jumping into the groove!

There IS a website despite what the new 'experts' claim and Pat Dennison (Gefell) is still doing new material.

Get to the website:

You'll find a link to Pat (Gefell's) Dennison page:

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