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Saturday, 3 February 2018

I HATE To Write It But Trump Was Right -It's All Fake (Comic) News and Debate

Another comment from one of my Yahoo group members -but not here on CBO and not even on the Yahoo group itself!- concerned my final post on the whole fake SJW-Anti SJW war taking place on You Tube and the net.

It's all fake.  It comes down to this: someone says they hate the way comics are so want them changed to suit them. On the opposite side you have someone says they hate the way comics are so want them changed to suit them. Now, as just one person they have no one really listening. Get a few people behind them -say calling for diversity (which has ALWAYS been at Marvel Comics) and trolling any supporters of Marvel online and they can stamp their feet and be heard. Like the SJWs the anti mob is the same. Both trolling movements who twist and lie.

What we used to do, before the internet ruined everything rather than make it better and more enjoyable, was to stop buying a book we did not like. Or we wrote to the company and said we did not like something. Standards have fallen on both sides though I would never have expected Marvel editors and staff -Marvel having seen itself as a family company and now owned by another family company, Disney- insulting and belittling readers. You need a clean sweep of editors and to get back to writing good comics.

And there is the lie blown out of all proportion by the anti-SJW/Marvel trolls. I see and read good reviews of Marvel Comics and those comics include ones attacked by certain people. There are poor comics but there ARE good ones. These are read and reviewed by true comic book readers/fans who do not resort to name-calling just cancel the standing order for the book they do not like.  Done dusted. Books do not sell then the company cancels it.

It really is just fake.

The same with comic book movies.  Marvel's movies all have interwoven scripts and stories -they are live action comic books.  That they are NOT actual comic books and there are differences between the comic book and the movie character does not matter because one is not the other.  I read and heard all the criticisms  of Marvel (and DC) movies -it all starts as soon as an actor, main or supporting cast, is named.  Then it is 100% criticism over-drive before the movie production has even begun.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is one example where the movie was setting up plot-lines and establishing things that would crop up in the other movies -Thor Ragnarok, etc.: just like the comics did so that when something happened or a character appeared you thought "Oh right -that's from---" The people who criticised the movie had obviously never read a comic. Or they just wanted to be attention seeking and negativity does it for small minds.

I saw all the negativity for the Dr Strange and Ant-Man movies.  I've been a Dr Strange fan since I was...8 years old? So when I got the dvd of each movie I really did not want to watch either. I loved both and Dr Strange in particular. No, this was not the comic book Dr Strange -it was the MOVIE Dr Strange.

Marvel movies will never feature Spider-Man.  Oh look -Spider-Man in Marvel movies.  Fake stories

"Marvel will never produce a Fantastic Four comic or X-Men comic while they do not have the movie rights so they are phased out and replaced by the Inhumans.  Oh...Avengers vs fact there are so many X-Men titles now they have to use colours in the title so you can tell them apart. Fake stories.

It goes on and on and it can come down to a number of things: Marvel and the movie people sowing fake stories (look at the 'responses' to news stories on Face Book and as you scroll down you see there are opposing and for views -all from 'different persons' but using the exact same quotes.  Stir up controversy and "All publicity is good publicity".

The other option are the internet bull-shitters like Bleeding Cool, etc., because it gets them readers who think they are "in the know" -they also act as PR mouth-pieces for companies like Marvel.

The reason I stopped posting about all of this stuff is because I do not just read and jump onto one side or the other.  I analyse what is going on. It's all fake publicity.

You want to see what REAL comic book fans think then watch Comic Book Palace on You Tube or even Koestenbraumstar, Ghostcritic et al on You Tube.

So when someone says to me "You don't do your comic book rants anymore" I answer that to do so would be adding to the internet fakery.  If an aspect of comics, such as dishonesty in comics being covered up to make people look good -I will speak out.  Creators being cheated -I will speak out.

Maybe 95% of people who read this blog do not care. I do. I am only interested in telling comic fans what is going on and giving them posts on comics that I enjoy and I hope they enjoy -whether Chinese Manhua, Hong Kong kung fu comics, Finnish, French or German comics and the small press. Odd comic book characters.  The stuff real comic fans like and I'd willingly accept just 100 views a day -or less- if I knew  others were at least enjoying CBO.

But I'm not going to lie or spread lies.

Now, enjoy the blog!

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