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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Calling the Cops on Conventions

Donna Barr has posted an item on her blog that I think is very important.  Why? Because more and more I hear female cosplayers and women attending US conventions report sexual harassment.  The organisers of events rarely even act when perpetrators are reported.

A woman wearing a comic or fantasy related costume to an event is NOT shouting out -"Hey, I'm a slu come and abuse me!"  I've heard of no incidents in the UK but cosplayers and fan boy geeks ought to read Donna's posting!

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  1. I've been involved with Manchester's PLAY Expo for the last few years, which involves cosplay, and we've had one minor incident involving a guy with a camera following the girls around and trying to get upskirt shots and whatever. We gave him a couple of warnings before ejecting him. Not bad though for an event that has over two thousand people a day attending.

    Not that I'm denying it's a problem, just that it seems a lot more serious in America.