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Thursday, 24 April 2014

NO NO NO NO ....And NO! Again.

Have people really got their heads so far up their asses they do not read other peoples ('friends') postings on Face Book?  Or posts here on CBO that they "regularly visit"?

I've written that after 14 years I no longer support the Bristol Comic Expo and stated why. Hey, they don't want to show the slightest respect to one of the events biggest supporters for over a decade **** them. Never even got a response when I asked if a deal could be done on a small table for me to sell books on.

Three years of being slapped in the face by obviously ignorant new organisers is a big enough hint to me. I'll miss seeing you folk at the event but....

Now, next one asks "are you going to the Comic Expo?"/"How come no Expo news on CBO?"....warned.

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