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Monday, 28 April 2014

Toys? Action Figures? Games??? Oy!/玩具?动画人物?游戏???OY!

I've been asked why, unlike on the old WordPress CBO, I do not include reviews and information on comic related toys -HeroClix, action figures, fantasy gaming?

Firstly, no one sends these items to be reviewed therefore no reviews!

Secondly, send me the items and I'll review them!

I didn't really think that through. I am old.

So, them's the facts.  Word.

Oh, the same with cosplay -I cannot post images of cosplayers here without permission. So there.

我一直在问为什么,不像旧WordPress的CBO,不包括评论和漫画相关的玩具,HeroClix信息,人物动作,奇幻的游戏? 首先,要审查,因此没有评论!没有人将这些物品 其次,给我的项目,我会检讨他们!  我真的不认为通过。我老了, 所以,他们是事实。单词。 哦, ​​同样具备角色扮演-我不能发表扮演者的形象在这里未经许可。所以有。

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