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Friday, 4 April 2014

Cinebook The 9th Art- Barracuda 2: Scars

Barracuda - Scars
Authors: Jérémy & Dufaux
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 56 colour pages
Publication: March 2014

 ISBN: 9781849181921
Price: £7.99 inc. VAT
Three years have passed in Puerto Blanco, and there has been no news of the Barracuda. Emilio, still passing himself off as a woman, has been learning the art of fencing from Mr Flynn. Maria, now married to the slave merchant Ferrango, makes her husband’s existence a living hell. As for Raffy, being left behind by his pirate father has hit him hard. But when an old enemy of Flynn’s sails into the harbour, their lives are turned upside down again.

Yahrr. Avast behind thur!  Those legs a' ne'er been wrapped roun' a misson mast -ahr!

WHY does no one talk like that in this book??? Probably because it be written by a Frenchie, ahr! I really must stop writing like that, it really hurts my throat.

Remember when Jonah Hex had a scarred face? Get a look at the face on the front of this book!!  Sword-fights, betrayal, mystery, murder and some very attractive women...not to mention a good storyline and some beautiful art with fantastic colour work. Excellent.

What do you read between Cinebook's Long John Silver series?  Well, duh! Barracuda of course!

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