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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Please, Please, Please STOP Annoying Me!

I have, in the last seven days, received eight offers to "make a contribution to comics by sponsoring our event".

If I have to list WHAT I've contributed to comics then these people do not know me and should NOT be asking me to contribute to their fundraisers.

I responded to three that I would help promote their event and even mention their fundraiser here on CBO ( 1,257,085 yes, that's OVER a million hits) for a small table at their event IF I can make it.

Responses were all negative.

I apologise for this but f*** 'em.

Can I also respond to those who thought the Frank Sidebotham item was an April Fools Day joke using photoshop images. FRANK SIDEBOTHAM WAS A REAL CHARACTER.  Read the item!!!


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