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Thursday, 16 July 2015

An apology

 I have to be brief.  Firstly, why I have not been posting.

with what seems severe eye strain -text on my screen is about half an inch high.

Saturday I was doing a lot of work on the computer after having a week of heavy reading for reviews.  My eye sight was getting a bit blurry and I was straining.  About 2100 hrs I got a severe pain in the left eye and temple that made me say "OW!" out loud.  So, I wasn't heeding my own warnings and paid the price

Apologies for any typos.

If you left a comment I will respond WHEN I can.  Sorry.  Been blind once and don't want that again.

Any how, I hope you all checked out Comic Con the movie which really cheered me up but gave a lot of insight from all factions -=fans and pros alike.

I've been shocked to a degree that, yes, those freebies from SDCC now take up pages on Ebay with criminal prices being asked for items that were free. I have also been shocked at how many video blogs by comic fans who complain continuously about "rip-off dealers" are now describing how THEY have ripped off small dealers.

I am not really sure that I want to be a part of that kind of is not fandom.

So quitting before the eyes go.  Post when I can and, Subzero -posting a package to you tomorrow!


  1. Wow. Bugger me, man. Take it easy. Take care of your health; that is obviously the top priority. Fandom ? Don't worry about 'fandom'. It is a wide and diverse realm... with lots of idiots and criminals in it... but more, many more simple folks who just like comics. These are the people - the truely silent majority - who just do everything for the love of it, pure and simple. Rest your eyes, rest your head... and look forward to some Blue Saviour stuff ( about 2/3 weeks, I think. )

  2. I wondered if something was going on and had got concerned. Take care.

  3. Yep look after your eyesight and health above all else - all the best hope you're better soon - take care