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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hooper-Scharf -QRD?

No, no, no. It is NOT some sort of mental disorder. QRD is the site that interviewed me and I did promise that when the interview was published I'd let everyone know!

So here is the link:

Have fun!


  1. Read the article. It was fun... 'I am digital because I use my digits.' That, and a view of the Room Of Oblivion ( plus that fact that you might like to draw/rite a 'Wood God' story - given the opportunity - a character I didn't even know existed ) made that a worthwhile read. Cheers for posting the link.

  2. Flirting, you rosey cheeked, pouty lipped man ? I have NO idea what you mean.
    Oh. Just saw the new post on Paul Brown. Love his style and I'm glad he's selling out.....he should try and get his stuff onto the front counters of newsagents. It's arty enough - people might pick it up. Anyway... that gives me an idea.... talk to you later. Have a good day, and rest those eyes.

  3. I answered the questions straight away so they were spontaneous responses. So, Dilworth, as I cannot read that page yet I have NO IDEA what I wrote about a wood God???? I'm old.

  4. Stransky -yeah, Marvel's one off (?) character Wood God. Though I have to admit there are so many others from British myth and legend I can use!