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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Comics, Model Making....The Scum Are Always Lurking.

What the hell is going on with these internet morons who use the internet?  For years I endured hate mails, accusations and much more on a daily basis -some times ten times a day.  Rumour mongering on UK comic groups and more.

I began keeping files (still have them) with full ISPs and much more.

But then people who do enjoyable video blogs like Captainstrangelife and hippycollectibles -and others in the You Tube comic community started getting this crap.  Some left all together because it just wore them down.  ISPs sorted out a few of these people, too.

Now in the terrain and modelling community it has happened. Templarcrusader has even had threats of violence (he's 6' 4" tall and well built so he's not that worried) and now TheTerrainTutor reveals he has been getting all sorts of grief.

Guess what? ISPs will be sorting that out, too.  There is this belief that if you use a stupid internet pseudonym to carry out your cowardly acts you can get away with it.  False.  Years ago I learnt how to track an ISP and identify the prats involved.

The ones who put their real names to things -including threats- I sorted out legally.

If you are in the United States it is a criminal offence to do these things and, guess what?  If you are in a country covered by Interpol -it's an offence.  Even countries not in Interpol are bringing in legislation.

A pity these people have so much time to waste so negatively (it might just be a sexual inadequacy thing with them) rather than put that energy into achieving something good.  Mental aberration or not, they still need training to become normal people...including having access to computers and the internet taken from them.

Comics, model used to be a good pastime but then came the internet.

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