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Monday, 20 July 2015

This Is Just One Example Of The Numerous Comments I get on CBO

"Kill yourself. If you dislike DEADPOOL, you have no soul. Die, burn in hell, ressurect, die again and burn forever. "
Joaquim barbosa
I'm usually very tolerant of people with mental health issues but this was a response to a posting from August 2014... he's a bit slow.

Sadly, these people are all too prevalent in EVERY internet community.  The fact that he's a Deadpool fan says a lot.


  1. Lunatics should not be let out of the asylum. Why not make a reasonable criticism ? "I think that Deadpool being annoying is the point of the character - he's not the strong but silent Batman or Daredevil, he's not the sensitive and caring Peter Parker; Deadpool is an asshole and proud of it. He's the antithesis of the typical hero... a kind of bullying Doctor Who, if he had super powers. If you don't like Deadpool, then don't read his titles. I love him and think he's THE hero of the new millenium.' I don't think this at all, I haven't seen or read Deadpool ( I'm a bit out inthe woods here ) but that's the kind of comment to make, not "Yaa BOOO Sucks ! Die !!" Just how childish is that ? Ah well. Take care of your eyes there Terry, and I hope your on the mend now.

  2. Wow that is a seriously demented comment, sadly some (not all) fanboy types think like that as they get far to involved in comics and this has always been a side of the hobby/interest/genre I have always disliked but to be fair some folk also get obsessive about pop stars , football teams etc but again that was a way over the top demented and scary reply. I have to admit whilst I have no real interest in the character on the few occasions I have read a story (mostly in Pannini's "Wolverine and Deadpool") its been pretty good.

  3. Hi, Paul.
    I get a lot of these things but I always check the person's blog first before acting. I think he did something similar a while back and was warned. Now he's reported. My eyes don't need this!

  4. Deadpool is essentially just a more violent, more annoying, less funny version of DC's Ambush Bug if truth be told. But, because of his "Breaking The Fourth Wall" schtick which acknowledges that he's just a character in a comic book, maybe certain readers experience a solipsistic shift in consciousness which renders them incapable of distinguishing between reality & fiction, and hence such over-the-top reactions to criticism such as Mr. Barbosa's. Warning: Reading "Deadpool" can damage your mental health!

  5. With sparkling movie dialogue in the trailer such as "You metal dick sucker" and some really BAD dialogue (in the leaked SDCC trailer) I have to ask "Who cares?"