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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Marvel's Current Output NOT As Popular?
I've heard back from a couple of people from comic stores and one store owner from California who thought I was in the United States and wanting to buy left over stock: "I've been giving a lot of the new Marvel books away to people buying figures or other books!"

In fact, it seems a couple of store owners he knows is in the same position -they ordered lots of the Marvel Civil War titles because they thought they would bring in the money but sales are, quote: "Crap". I hear the same from the UK and one shop owner apparently gave someone buying two graphic novels ten of the un-sellable Marvels as an "incentive" but was told "Uh, no thanks. Those books stink".

Comics. A funny old business.  Anyone else hearing similar? 

WHO am I asking????


  1. I am aware of one store in Glasgow that sells bagged comics 5 for £1 so I bought 5 of them just in case there was a wee gem in there (there were a few nice ones it has to be said) however, whilst I expected most of the packs to contain minor titles , or from smaller (unknown) publishers with the odd overstocked Marvel /DC top seller etc from 6/7 months ago, they actually mostly contained very recent / current mainstream DC and Marvel titles that at most were 2 months old ( 2 titles were still also on sale full price on his current titles rack). When I was back in a few months ago I noticed lots more of these packs on slae and I mentioned I was surprised that so many were recent and current mainstream titles, to which he replied that 90% of Marvels and DC were just not not selling at all as folk were fed up with revamps and most if his sales were on Deadpool, Walking Dead and Bat-Man. I was in Forbidden Planet yesterday in Glasgow picking up my issue of BPRD & Daredevil ( the only titles I read regularly now) and was given a free Marvel preview book whIch looks like yet another relaunch is on the way (it may be here already,sorry I don't keep up with these things) with a female Wolverine, a new Hulk, new Avengers teams, and what looks like all new art teams ( ie Waid and Samnee no longer on Daredevil (arghh) Ramos off Spider-Man etc)

  2. A lot of the current titles ( you listed a few days ago, Terry - the 'new 42' so to speak ) seem to me to be a variety of 'What If...?' stories - which is really all that the alternative universe nonsense is about. "What if Wolverine were a woman ?" What if Spiderman were not Peter Parker ?" "What if Thor were a woman ?" All of these are interesting and fun 'What if ?" ideas. Now; a long time ago there were basically 2 types of long term comics buyers ( and 50 shades of grey inbetween ) those who followed the 'canon', and those who followed the Artists and Writers. Me ? I liked the artists ( and writers ) -anything new by Brian Bolland - regardless of title - would get my immediate attention. Likewise George Perez, David Leach ( god - I've forgotten his name ! The original Moore Marvelman artist - David Leach ? ) Bill Sienkiewicz, - independents - Shakey Kane, Bob Lynch, Merv Grist and many other. The art now, despite some high spots ( from the limited stuff I've seen ) the art styles are all very samey - as John Schiltz pointed out a few posts ago. Where did all the dynamic mad people go ? Kirby was way out of the box, as was Steranko. Ditko, while more 'staid' was also well 'out there'. Barry Windsor Smith - especially his early Conan stuff ( and earlier Daredevil 'apeing' Kirby ) was wild !
    Where did all this art innovation go ? The stories, too, for those who bought the titles for keeping up with the 'canon', are no longer interesting...why ? Because at any time ( sooner and sooner ) there's a re-boot, a re-set, a 'turn it all inside out'. (...but not really...).. event looming up.... it makes following the long character arc of any title pointless... which brings me to a question. Why not make new characters ? Leave the old one alone... let them drift off into the netherland of comic history...excactly what happened to Shazam, the Clock, the Black Condor, and a whole host of other characters..... and develop characters for the current generation. Why not ? Disney would wholely own them and everyone would be happy..... maybe.....but then Disney wouldn't get the 'off the shelf' already created following that some characters have... until they break it....
    ah well off to work.

  3. My old friend Rob Last who runs an independent in Ipswich might have a comment, I'll ask him. I'll ask him to look at this page.

  4. Hi, Paul. I know the bag types you mean. Oddly, someone read your comment first and told me that last week he picked up 10 of the bags at 50p each as a "special offer" but the assistant behind the til told him he was paying more than the comics were worth -and got two more bags for nothing. I doubt that was the boss behind the till! It seems the attitude is under-stock and if it sells then okay -don't sell then "bargain" them! And I know someone who got three of the new Secret War titles in a mix bag and THOSE were still on the shelf so I think that is desperation. Mind you, I used to do the same as you -buy "in case" something good was inside!

    John:is Suffolk aware that Dan Dare and the Eagle is no longer printed? Any response that is rude (except questioning my parentage) is banned!

    Stransky -did you pinch my tartan shorts because I checked all my underpants this morning and those are gone!! I like the idea of "The new 42" but DCs was 52 and Marvel announced 45 new titles. It worked really well until I realised that! Bugger. But, hey, it's the New 45 even if they sell like a 33.3 rather than a 78 (and if you get that reference you ARE old). I am soooooooooo good.
    Gary Leach is the artist you are thinking of -flew over my head at a UKCAC in the 1980s.
    Are you using Comments to right a book???
    Anyway, yep, LOTS of the old fans just quit. No one can be bothered with constant reboots and there is a RUMOUR that next year may see another major change in Marvel Comics. Pass me the ten months out of date salami.

    1. Terry. Next time I hire a hansom cab with the view of running someone over . . . ! Hey, Bristol's a long way off, right. So if I start now. . . oh, hang on, my new computer arrived. Be seeing you.

  5. tartan shorts ... ? Wasn't that Andrew Hope .... ? No. Not writing a book.... just a few no show students Ah. 45 titles.... I must've dozed through the last 3. Anyway. Off to bed... or the humid crazy heat that passes for 'bed'. Time to boil.... see you tomorrow. PS Clallam Bay sounds like fun. Pity it's too far to go.

  6. Clallam Bay does sound like fun and its not a big commercial thing. One day....

    And I'm SURE you must have those shorts. Last saw them in 1987 after a visit from you.

    No show students -do they pay for not turning up and wasting your time? I bet not!

    Have a nice snooze!

  7. Alienate and insult long time fans enough to quit, and get few dedicated new fans. Its an odd way of doing business.

  8. Ah, but you have to remember: "We're Marvel!" That attitude said it all and if its true that there is ANOTHER reboot style event for 2016 then the comic implosion is going to be such a relief!

  9. Yep. You're right. I don't charge students who are sick or get suddenly 'busy'. That's what makes me a bad businessman but allows me to keep some of my soul.

  10. According to Dene Vernon and Xendragon, being good may well have lost them theirs. Me? I'm damned boy -DAMNED!!!!!!!