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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Back From My Sick-Bed (temporarily) and Mile High Comics Newsletter - San Diego Comic-Con

If you have not watched the Mile High Comics SDCC reports then you have missed a LOT. Learn why retailers do not like Dark Horse and why DC is not getting as good a billing as Marvel comics -and there are so many questions posed and a few answers.  It's basically "Comics 101"

There are also interviews from SDCC with Hasbro on toy figures and the greed is not even hidden.  They go for the "bucket merchandise" - in other words, the toys that make them "buckets of cash" and you learn that they do not do completed paint jobs on all figures because they are literally scraping as much profit from each figure as they can.  Figures made in China that are NOT costing Hasbro a fortune to have made.  The Hasbro attitude to retailers is also explained in a Mile High SDCC video.

And people queuing up for the give-a-ways -many to resell on Ebay -on many videos there is no hiding this.  It's greed feeding off greed...not a comic con.

And grab those 'exclusives' -thousands of the same figures, t-shirts and much more. Grab them "before they go wide" -"Wide" meaning that it will all be going on sale everywhere after SDCC so why grab it? "It's free and I can make a pile selling it on Ebay after!" exclaimed one excited turd 'fan'.

The Mile High reports are interesting in what they cover and tell us. I very HIGHLY recommend you watch them.

Also worth watching is something I only heard about via a Mile High post -Duane Spurlock's wonderful and must watch Comic Con Episode IV: A fan's hope!

If you REALLY want to know the score from all angles then check these out!

Back when possible.

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