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Monday, 20 July 2015

Eye Problems -I'll Be Back...soon.

Thanks To Scotty, Stransky, Sepp and whoever I've forgotten!

I went to the eye hospital today and I found out that my opticians are useless (Specsavers are clowns -NEVER use them -they even told me in 2014 I had "nearperfect eye sight" which I've never had since I was 11 years old!).

I have bad Dry Eye -Blepharitis which is one reason for the pain but my optical glands were blocked and I had caking under the eye lids.  So, two lots of eye treatment plus hot flannel on my eyes each morning.

This SHOULD have been taken care of by Spec savers.  But 1.5 hours wait at the eye hospital with my Number 13 patient card was no real problem.

Resting eyes today and seeing what I can do tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. rest the eyes tomorrow. One thing I have learned is; that 'it will wait'. We are waiting for you, Terry. Far and near -we are waiting for you. Rest and take it easy.