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Friday, 24 July 2015

Vote for the New Hasbro Marvel Legends Figure And Win

Quick up-date. The micro Ant Man figure is being sold on Ebay for between $19-45. The other figures are taken from the packs and going for $65-100 and the case as shown below for $110-130. THAT is 'fan' greed.
Firstly, Hasbro is releasing these anyway.  Their greed and disdain for figure buyers as anything other than piggy banks to exploit for their "bucket" (of cash) items was proven at the San Diego Comic Con -and I hope you watched THAT video?

Oh, here are "your" choices":

Pick between Darkhawk, Angela, Symbiote Spider-Man and Mysterio!

The fans at San Diego Comic-Con have spoken. Sixteen Marvel Heroes were up to become the new Marvel Legends figure, but now only four remain! The champions are Darkhawk, Angela, Symbiote Spider-Man and Mysterio and now it is up to you to vote for your favorite and choose who becomes Hasbro’s next Marvel Legend!

The decision is in your hands. And to sweeten the deal, you could win a Hasbro SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ant-Man Figure Set signed by Stan Lee!

Yes, they took huge trailer trucks full of free figures for SDCC and had so many even that event was not big enough to throw them all away.  Seriously, That is how 'exclusive' they were.  I do see these freebies on Ebay with asking prices of anywhere from $25-$90.00.  Greed is contagious.
 SDCC 2015 Ant-Man Figures Box Set Hasbro Exclusive
 Scale is mostly irrelevant when it comes to the size-shifting superhero, this set’s Hank Pym figure is in the 3.75″ Marvel Infinite scale and features swappable heads with and without the Ant-Man helmet. On the larger side of things, there’s both a 6″ Goliath and a 12″ Giant Man (the latter wearing the more recent comic book version of the costume) while, in a smaller scale, there’s both 1.5″ Scott Lang Ant-Man and a tiny 1″ version of the original Hank Pym Ant-Man costume. The 1.5" version is the one the money is being asked for NOT the larger figures.

You can see the actual set here:
 Look at several different comic book iterations of Marvel's newest movie star with our gallery of Hasbro's Comic-Con Exclusive Ant-Man action figure set.
If you are that dumb and want to just contribute to making Hasbro more money See rules below.


  1. Nice to see some new content fom you, old chum. I was begining to fear old Scratchman had come to take you awayyyyyy.....
    and why does AntMan have writing on his head ? Maybe it's saying - this is a free gift - please flog it on e-bay and add value and desirability to what is otherwise just another piece a hasbro plastic junk. As you may have noticed... I'm not a collector. Well.... take it easy Terry, and I'll be in touch.

  2. Oh Oh I forgot... a vote... yes yes I see ... that's right ... OK .... I vote for .... Symbiote Spider-Man ? WTF is that ? NonOnNNNOooo..... Oh... OK... I vote for

    Isn't the suspense killing ?

    I vote for BLUE SAVIOUR !!!! ...... Ok... he doesn't have a figure ....but he f@**king should have if the m**/therf&%rs gave a sh*t... goddamn mthrfkrs ....*;??+/&%*@...hasbro....

  3. All I can write...if I can see the keyboard properly to thank goodness for cut and paste and images online. Blue Saviour action figure I'd buy! Now, need to rest eyes again. ;-)

  4. What is the dance move that that tiny Ant man is doing in front of the pencil ?.... or is he playing an air guitar ?..... BWAAAWANG 'I'm just a rock an' roll wannabe....' ......could be. I need my medication....hope your eyes are getting better.

  5. I think he just sat on the pointed end. I use my eyes sparingly but after two weeks of not spending every day from morning to evening I realised how much time it was taking, how little anyone really cared (the other day I posted items and views shot up to 1500 -so where were all those people saying "get well soon" or "What's going on?" Nowhere. I am not submitting to a throw away culture and, to be honest, DC and Marvel are totally dead and of no interest to any serious comic person these days.The Small Press in the UK does not give a crap about comics, promoting their books and so on. My attitude is just fuck them. No change really.