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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Do Not Let The Photo Put You Off

Hi, All!
Apparently, THIS as a passport photo is not allowed. Ridiculous!

In between decorating (the last time was 2004) and feeling VERY guilty about evicting spiders (seriously, it's their home, too, but they WILL love the new decor!) I am working on the big post and with 2000 or so of you visiting the site a day I need to keep you happy!

But, can I ask a favour of all of you who are really -really- interested in Independent comics?

Ignore Amazon and the other big buck businesses you might think of looking at for Black Tower books as I get very little from any sale (in fact, books sold that way are give aways!).

I have an online store front here:

Now, I am not saying go and buy something.  What I am asking is that, perhaps, you take a few minutes to just look at the prose books, comic albums and graphic novels that are available. I would recommend Chung Ling Soo and Dene Vernon -drawn by a very popular artist (so he is a creator worth investing in) and, of course, anything by Ben R. Dilworth who, if you know about comics, you will know has been around a while and even drew Mark Millar's Shadowmen back in the 1990s. Dilworth's work tends to get the most reaction from people and he spans the genres -it's why he's called "the spanner" (he has no loose nuts or bolts that I know of).

Sadly, I have very limited work by Paul Ashley Brown or else I would be pushing that like crazy -but he has contributed to one of the Tales of Terror anthologies!

Now, if you like anything you see -then buy!

Support Independent comics, kids! to paint!


  1. Now I am no longer ashamed of my various 'official' photos... uh...hang on.... nope. Yours looks better. Dang....... make mine BLACK TOWER !

  2. There's a very good reason why I draw mine. I had considered a spooky one after seeing the green Terry a while back. Some of the students back in my college days wanted to green me up and pose as The Incredible Hulk. Not with my skin they didn't.

  3. I'll copy and paste that link by the way and put in in my folder. I'm interested in what you have on your site.

  4. Your Maakika art book looks interesting. Might go for that.

  5. Stransky: after showing your photo to persons they had the same reactions as me -taxi driver, serial killer. Put that as "occupation" on your passport! :-)
    Sepp: the secret to skin such as mine, old darling -moisturise! Seriously. Two times a day I put aside 30 minutes to just massage and moisturise -I find Swarfega the best on the market (bit smelly, though).

    1. Swarfega eh? So you walk about sounding like an old Doctor Who monster sound effect.
      Gloop, gloop, gloop, rrraggh ! Problem is old dear, it takes a little bit more attention considering I inherited Ichthyosis from the English side of the family. Yup, mum again. Depressing . . . families. :-(