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Saturday, 11 July 2015

SDCC....Sodom and Gamorrah Reborn!

I am too old to get surprised by these things. Looking at the You Tube San Diego Comic Con videos, and trying to focus past the extreme bleached teeth and whiny voices of moronic presenters, everything is just so very sickening.

Where is the fun for the long term comic fan?  It's all people screaming "I'M A COMIC NERD -LOOK AT ME!" or pretending to be high-brow intellectuals -it's feckin comics dumb-asses!

Everyone grabbing what they can. Cosplayers social clubs meeting up (not buying comics).

And the utter greed from some of the traders.

As mentioned in the Mile High Comics video posted here last night, there are a lot of 'exclusives' with prices varying from high to...criminal. "SDCC EXCLUSIVE" is, apparently, popular.  Dave Price tells me that he saw this sign and pointed out that the figure in question would be $5.00 less in a store but had "THIS is a SDCC Exclusive!" barked back at him, though there was nothing marking it as anything other than the "regular figure".

As for comic pricing...well, Dave picked up a good few books from Mile High and says the Silver Age comics he bought were cheaper than some of the "hot" current books he looked at.

Business is business but greed is like a thick, oily stain on a copy of Captain America #1 (the 1940s Captain America #1 -none of those from the 1990s onward).

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