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Friday, 10 July 2015

NEVER Ever Buy This!

Wilko Functional 14.4V Cordless R.Drilll
Above: this is what total crap looks like.

Totally off comic topic but in case you need to buy a drill for DIY work or put stuff together for an event please read this.

Okay, apparently Wilkinson's -a national chain store in the UK- do not want to answer any emails on this matter but I would like to warn any friends out there -and PLEASE share this. I purchased a Wilko cordless drill over a week ago. Battery charged, but the adapter seemed hot but they always tend to. Worked a treat and put it on top recharge and after 4 charge.

I then realised that there was a smell to the battery charger -if you are old enough to have fired a toy cap gun you'll know the sulphury smell I mean. Checked and double-checked...then I found my receipt had been thrown out -no, that person is still alive. So I asked at their local store because I could not see a battery charger just the boxed drill and a new replacement battery. 

Talking to three of the most unhelpful staff I've come across, I got:

"We only sell the drill and battery -try shopping round"

"We have the triple A and double A chargers -we don't know anything about this stuff"

and, wonderfully, but quite right (so I deserved it)  but I assumed I was buying a quality product: "You should have bought one of the better drills like Bosch"

So, no, like Argos, they sell battery and drill but NOT charger. That is a level of incompetence that seems rife in UK stores.

I looked online and found a charger that's compatible -£12.50...but the postage from all the sellers is the same so the total is MORE than the drill.

It now looks like I'll need to buy a Wickes cordless but check that they do sell chargers, though builders tell me Wickes tools are good quality.

NEVER EVER buy electrical goods from Wilkinsons -I should have learnt after the last one!


  1. Funnily enough, I was just thinking, a week ago, about getting a recharge drill. Thanks for the warning. I'd go for something like Bosch myself.

  2. Good to know , thanks as I am doing some DIY at the moment and have bought a few items in the local Wilkinsons. A few years ago I got a similar model from B&Q (I can't recall the brand but it was about £30) and whilst it recharged fine it had so little power (when fully charged) it was less than useless I spent nearly 10 mins seeing if it could but a 1/2 inch screw in a piece of hardboard type wood - it only got half way there by the time the battery started to slow down. I gave it to may mate who creates models as a hobby from wood etc and he finds its ok for that. I ended up just buying a Stanley Yankee screwdriver for £17 (in a sale) and it works a treat,

  3. Hi, Paul. Yeah, Bosch are a bit too pricy for DIY every-so-often but as they still refuse to reply it looks like the Wickes drill for me. Considering I gave up with no power in the drill after ten minutes I sympathise. Too much being bought too cheaply from China for a big profit and how these chargers get passed I've no idea!