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Friday, 10 July 2015

Regarding You Tube Links On The Blog List

I noticed that a LOT of these links state "2 months ago" or longer.  This is some problem with Blogger and up-dating.

Comicgirl19 produced a great feature (over one hour long) looking at the X-Men from 1963 through to the 1980s and there is a part 2 being worked on.

Hippycollectibles has a very -and I mean very- good way of making your old LPs and records sound near new -check it out.

And Captainstrangelife is still looking at comics and pop culture.

Sadly, due to ill health, Koestenbraunstar is currently not making videos and I'd like to take this opportunity (if he reads CBO) to say Get better soon -we miss your videos!

Theterraintutor, Templarcrusader1 and Teri Litorco are producing regular videos looking at making terrain for gaming of all types -Teri has some interesting game related videos.

So, please, don't just look at the links and think "nothing new" and move on. Just follow the links!

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