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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Titan Books: adventure time the original cartoon title cards volume 2

 Pendleton Ward-Author
Artists -Natasha Allegri, Gunnar Gilmore, Tom Herpich, Nick Jennings, Andy Ristaino, Rebecca Sugar, Michelle Xin
Dimensions: 220 x 284 mm
Hardback: 92pp
Publication date: 7 August 2015
Illustration detail: Colour illustrations throughout
ISBN: 9781783298969 £14.99

 Adventure Time’s adorably weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic world has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Featuring all the title cards from seasons 3 and 4 of the show, plus early sketches, creator commentary, and exclusive insights into the vast and varied inspirations behind the art, the second volume of Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards is an absolute must-have for every fan.

Well, if you bought volume 1 then I guess you will want to buy volume 2  which contains title cards for seasons 3 and 4.

I know that there are many fans of Adventure Time but I have never seen an episode let alone the four seasons. It just leaves me cold. Excellent production quality from cover-to-cover but I have now gone through this book four times. Leaving a gap between each viewing.  I just keep asking "why?"  I'm sorry but, like I've written before, this does absolutely nothing for me.  Even writing that it leaves me " cold" is over-estimating its effect upon me.

I know.  There are people out there right now screaming "But this is the greatest animated TV series ever!!!"  I just can't understand it.  But I do know this will sell.

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  1. I get the same feeling regarding adventures with little flying cartoon ponies, many people 'reacting' to them on YouTube. I just don't get it, but, what do I know, from what I see they are popular. From the image above, the style just seems to me to be disturbing. Anything that Ditko could conjure wouldn't give me nightmares, this stuff would.