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Friday, 3 July 2015

Batman V Superman and Whatever Happened To Good versus Evil?

Ahhhh.  Dealing with rescued pigeon.  Delays everything.

Any how, I was looking at all the Batman v Superman hype and the "much anticipated confrontation" -okay, if you are old enough you'll see that a lot in this is Miller The Dark Knight Returns inspired -particularly the heavy duty bat-suit.

But here is something: in Busiek & Perez's JLA-Avengers (2003) we saw the differences between the Marvel and DC comics universes.  At one point the Flash notes how hostile people are in the MU -particularly toward mutants.  In the DCU, Quicksilver is stunned that people there hero worship and hold super heroes in high regard -"They even have a Flash museum".

Okay, Marvel's Universe at this moment has become....a cesspit of exploitation for a quick buck but, as Sanchez noted in Comments -NO Loki or Black Widow comics.  I mean, WTF? Loki, thanks to the movies, is almost as popular as the heroes but no comic?  Jack would be spinning in his grave.  AND no Black Widow comic.   N O  Black Widow comic.  Like Black Widow in toys, Disney seems not to like the idea of promoting Ms Romanoff or Romanov or however they spell it now.

But, while the Avengers were formed to fight a common foe it seems the Justice League will emerge from Batman taking down a Superman with a Messiah complex.   Since 2003 DCU has sunk lower and lower in the mire and "dark and nasty sells....until the next crisis" seems the golden rule

Right, I may be getting old but I remember when super heroes were those "brightly coloured costumed heroes who stood as a beacon of hope".

It seems more about hero fighting hero than Good versus Evil.  Good versus Evil -and a fun read. But, unlike many others, I am not going to condemn the movie!  I have not seen it, though there seems a big trend in slating every new movie as "awful"/"terrible" based on a few photographs.

Let's see how it goes.  But I still like Good Versus Evil!


  1. Sorry I've been a bit out of things for a bit - various things - but I'm back today ! So...Batman vs Superman. Let's wait for the movie. Looks dark - looks interesting... let's hope it's better than Green Lantern ( seen as DVD, and I quite enjoyed it - but sadly, it lacked heart. Big special effects, a few good actors - a good versus bad story - literally - and some really spectacular back drops and fight scenes... but no deep feeling is ever communicated. ) let's hope that the movie stimulates interest in comics history - and it should; especially with the use of the Miller Bat-Robo-Suit. Anyway: Marvel's new 42 titles. I'm sure they are planning to explode half of those titles within
    a few months - making them mergers and mini series. The telling step is no Black Widow title and a plethora of Spider titles. The Disvel guys look like they're putting their eggs in the Spiderman franchise. And that's a big risk. Anyhoo; I'm off to do some work. Talk to you later.

  2. All it will do is make everything -EVERYTHING including items fresh off the conveyor belt- "Super rare"/"Vintage"/"Hot item" and the exploiters will try to make money out of the morons who will think they are buying into a gold mine. One born every second.

    1. Not love for comics, but 'Profiteer's Drool' again.