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Monday, 26 October 2015

As I Plan My Invasion Of Europe I Yell "WHY??!!!"

The answer is that I am a glutton for punishment. But in all seriousness, the UK is a dead end for myself and Black Tower comics and Books

I say this because, at the urging of three people (you know who you are) I promised I would make one final effort.  To date the UK comic events I contacted have all told me "No tables left" or something equally as noxious.  It's mates holding events for mates.  Nothing more.

The UK comics scene is dead.

So, I have been looking at Europe and though a lot of people speak English now as a second language I can't see them all flock to Black Tower.  After all, the books are all there on the online store at VERY low prices (I seriously just could not be bothered deleting then changing prices and re-publishing. is a pain-in-the-arse at the best of times.   So if those people were that interested they would be buying -there are enough ads on CBO!

What I am looking at are small publishers in Europe -Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands -anywhere- that can translate and publish books under license in their country.  What I really need, and I know that in over 15 years I NEVER have had responses to this question and I've posted it often enough, is to hear from CBO visitors with links to publishers in their countries or even from publishers themselves -I KNOW they do check out CBO.

Remember Black Tower are black and white books.

So, there.  I doubt I'll hear from anyone but request posted!

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