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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Wow......I Sold A Book....I Won't Be Moving To The Carribean, Though
One of's "retail distributors" (take your choice) has decided to not take Return Of The Gods: Twilight of the Super Heroes.


Well, the front cover bears that title but the first page has a text intro.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!! The first page MUST have the book title.  Secondly, they do not like the "guttering" -it is a perfect bound book and the pages open and can be read easily. I just checked.  Oh, and the borders of the pages are not to their liking.  Oh and.....well, about three other things so they've turned the book down but "will review the book once the changes are made".

Hands over ears, kiddies..... feck 'em.  Sorry, I try to keep language down but let me explain.

The book has over 300 pages. The "gulley"/"guttering" -whatever you want to call it is perfectly fine. It prints well (I insure that there is sufficient margin to take the spine into account).  I'm looking through it now.   Page borders....fine.  The book is designed to take you straight into the story so you have the cover, open up the book and the first page reads:

"When the legends die,
  the dreams end:
There is no more greatness"


Some little weenie-wagger at "where ever" has decided they are the "Big Editor" and wannabe publisher and are going to tell me how to present a huge graphic novel.  Here is the thing -they base this "critique" on looking through the pdf.  They never purchased a copy so they have no idea how it looks in print. 

These people will take over 75% of the cover price because they have cut and pasted from my online store to their online store.  That's it.  They do not promote or announce or push the book in any way and I note some of these crooks are even charging £20/$40 more for the book.

So am I going to buy Adobe Acrobat or Nitro pdf to re-edit 300+ pages so that THEY can profit from it?  Like ****!

On the plus side...I sold a copy of Pursuing the Strange And Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint.  Do not get me wrong -I REALLY appreciate the sale- but it is not going to make me re-think my plans for 2016.  I've pushed Black Tower Comic albums and books like crazy this year and even slashed cover prices like a maniac and nothing.  I've tried overseas publishers to see if they might be interested in publishing under license -nothing.

Hey, people want free scans but I want to eat and pay bills.  Go figure.

Get into publishing and you deserve what you get!
Pursuing The Strange & Weird:A Naturalists Viewpoint

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