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Thursday, 1 October 2015

It's October!

Yes, and the big push on books with heavily slashed cover prices resulted in....

ZERO sales.  Just as I predicted.

Not a lot else I can do to push and promote than I already have so I'm guessing unless there is a mad surge of sales (at the same time as HM The Queen reveals she is a man) before the New Year then Black Tower as such is gone.  Done. Dusted.

But the absolutely underwhelming response of people visiting CBO and not saying they'd hate to see the blog go seems to also reinforce what I have been saying.  Comic 'fans' today do not support the independent industry not independent blogs not churning out the sickening stream of "Isn't Marvel/DC great?" pap.

So things are just ticking slowly along until January.

My 'thanks' to you all.

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