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Friday, 9 October 2015

"Lady Bumps" in the 1970s! Were Not What They Are Today

I'm so glad you come in here tonight. I'm so it chin' to
Dance I can't stand it and I was countin' on dancin' with you.
It's a saturday night and I feel all right
So come on
let's dance - look at me
AII I wanna do is to bump with you
So come on
let's dance - look at me tonight.
When we hear the music play you might
Learn from me in every way.
They call me lady bump
lady bump it's no lie - ah
Lady bump
lady bump - just the music takes me hiiiiiiiiiigh.

I can still hit those high notes  -even if it is only in my head and
the image of me in a red afrom wig, green boob tube and tight
gold hot pants probably a bit too much information.

Any old how I've been perusing the internet looking for any interesting comics news. Nothing.  

I learn that Ant-Man and The Wasp will be a movie in 2017 but as I've not seen Avengers 2: 
Age of Ultron yet, let aloneAnt-Man all I can say is: "Really?"

Between reading lots of phenomena books recently I have been getting physically exhausted
from watching the Rugby World Cup 2015 on TV. Georgia did an incredible job and were one
of the shing rays of hope -and the lastextended game against Namibia was so tense I even sat
on the edge of the seat -several times.  Namibia FINALLY scoring and proving they can play rugby.

Anyway, talking yesterday about retiring from comics in 2016, I saw this pop up on my screen:

Awwwww. Shit.  I just checked my portfolio and I can retire if I get the other £249.50.
Kids -NEVER say "I am going to make drawing comics my career" because there are,
seriously, thousands out there who said the same thing.  Cut out the hunger, poverty and
anti-social hours and go for a job shelf-stacking. It pays more.

I have also been noting long time comic fans -people who started collecting in the 1960s-
are stating "No more! One more reboot of this title or the entire line and that's it!"  In fact,
many have just stopped buying new Marvel and DC titles.

And as the weeks pass fewer and fewer comic geek chicsters are blogging or making
comic book videos as they move on to the latest trend.

Add to this a lot of long time comic creators in the UK finally calling it quites.  "Dan" told
me: "I've had two paying jobs in a year and the company was not paying much.  I queried
this amount cus they are a long established comic company but was told its market forces
they control the work and if artists want to work they take the money"  he was also told a
couple of artists allowed their work to be used for free (WTF??!!) Those back-stabbing,
brown-nosers (they know who they are) must be really proud of how they've helped UK
comics decline.

Now, I'm off to boogie.

Hang cool.  Five by five.

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