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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Uncle Terry's Mad, Bad Halloween Scary Video Selection!

Okay, on the old Yahoo 360 blog I used to do this Halloween weird stuff -odd stories or video clips for the visitors.

I just finished some filing and realised it's nearly All Hallows why not?

I shall be stalking the graveyards of The Vale looking for evidence of "the Pig Boy"!   About time my old service revolver got some use.

So try these......and...




And here we go with an alert to all S.A.T.A.N. (Supernatural Agents To All Nations) agents.....

CODE 666  !!!!


 I call this one...."A Bit of Pee Just Came Out!"
I call this "There is an alien looking in your window right now and it pooped its silver suit"
I call this.....meh................
I call this one "A Day In My Life"
Yeah, yeah, yeah -"whatabout the aliens?"
What the feck happened to the really -REALLY- spooky ghost stuff? Now its all aliens! mah.

 Yeah, feckin alien cow-nappers! Actually they are from Dimension 00X23
So, do YOU believe? Really? Not even if I dressed up as Agent Scully -I can wear the heels...or maybe...


EEEEK! I resorted to a girly-shot.  Things have gotten bad here!

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