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Monday, 19 October 2015

Barracuda 4 - Revolts

Barracuda 4 - Revolts
Authors: Jérémy & Dufaux
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 64 colour pages
Publication: August 2015

ISBN: 9781849182577
Price: £8.99 inc. VAT

It’s chaos in Puerto Blanco. Raffy, caught red-handed with Ferrango’s wife Maria, is about to be thrown into a shark tank; the governor is toppled by a coup ... and the Spanish occupy the city after bombarding it.

Amidst the blood and fire, alliances are formed and broken, betrayal follows betrayal, and the flame of resistance is kindled. Will love and friendship prove stronger than fanaticism and the thirst for power?

It was over a year ago that Barracuda 3 appeared?  Wow.  No wonder I couldn't remember what had happened...a year!

The link to that review:

The story is full of the usual stuff: sexy pirate-type ladies, betrayal, plenty of action and even a three page preview to the next book (next year?) Cannibals which looks like it should be fun!  No faults to be found with the story apart from no one says "Yahrr!"  It's a cracking read.

The art....well, the colour tone of scenes is used to great effect -very cinematic in fact.  Check out the pages below to see what I mean.  I really do not think there are enough pirate books around and  Jérémy's pages make you wish there were more -of this quality.

Just what you need to read on a dark cold night....with a bar of Olde Jamaica chocolate nearby (which is a joke since I'm Type 2 and do not eat chocolate....cry for me!).


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