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Monday, 19 October 2015

Orbital 6 -Resistance!

Orbital 6: Resistance
Authors: Sylvain Runberg & Serge Pellé
Age: 12 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 56 colour pages
Publication: August 2015

ISBN: 9781849182621
Price: £7.99 inc. VAT

After fleeing Confederate space, Caleb and Mezoke are hiding among a community of exiles disgusted by the corruption and violence infecting the galactic government.

Caleb is recovering slowly, just as Angus, the living ship, is doing on a different world. But a powerful, dangerous psychic link seems to exist between them, and all are actively hunted by both the authorities and a terrorist group.

When running ceases to be the answer, the only option left is resistance...

First thing I noticed, and I am sure that this is not just my mind playing tricks on me, is that Pelle's art style has changed somewhat.   Every artist progresses in style so no major shocker for me there!

I was trying to remember the previous part of this story (my books are not reachable at the moment) and I just could not.  Luckily things were mildly recapped for idiots like me!

The story is what I expect from Runeberg -a great blend of characterisation, action and surprises.  Basically a great read.  And Pelle comes up trumps with his craft and aliens -I loved the new "Smiley" aliens that fit into this story.

I mean, seriously, all you really have to write is Runeberg and Pelle and you are covered!  If you have not caught on to this series I'd suggest you at least give it a try because I was not big into sci fi comics until I saw this series!

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