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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Come on, guys. 332 views from Germany so far today and no one knows about comic events there in 2017 or whom to contact?


Also, Erlangen and Leipzig has a moderate presence on the internet regarding comic conventions  -I posted a lot of things from Nerdzig re. the last Leipzig convention.

Even finding comic shops in Germany via the net is difficult -seriously, I decided it was better to go look for the Holy Grail than German comic events or shop info. I found the Holy Grail.

Total all-time views from Germany stood at 55, 021 yesterday when I made my appeal.   By early this A.M. the views had gone up to 55,055 -it usually rises in number after the working day ends.  But that's still 30 views.

If Merkel is making you read CBO as punishment then I can understand the silence. Come on, I'm just an old landjunge -help out here, huh?

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