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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Small Press Day

So, I wake up this morning and turn on the computer and straight to emails to read them (that takes only 1 minute!).

There is a national small press event today.

Uh, usually, the idea is to let everyone know ahead of the day so you can pull in those who might be interested.  But, no, tell the world on the day.  I'm sure there has been talk before today but, really, if they had my email and sent me something just doesn't sound great.

Not even an event in Bristol it seems.

9th July 2016 #smallpressday
 2016 on Saturday 9th July

A celebration of self-publishing, DIY, and grassroots comics and zines across the U.K and Ireland


With love AP xxx
 The organisers don't even deserve this mention. I had to look twice to confirm that I was right that the event WAS today!

"Excited Face" might have been better as "Well organised face" but in the UK you get what you get.  Hopefully a 2017 day will be better organised and publicised.


  1. lets hope so. Small Press is really a way in which many people can express themselves. Creation of narrative is both therapeutic and fun. My ten cents

  2. The "Small Press" is not the Small Press of old. In the pre internet age EVERYONE in the Small Press knew about an event(s) well in advance. We have Twitter, Google+, Face Book and lords know how many other outlets for publicity but even on some of my Yahoo groups, people who are BIG into the SP NEVER heard of this until I mentioned it.

    They HAVE my email address -obviously- so pre event publicity or "Anyone in Bristol interested in organising an event?" On THE DAY. This sums up the UK SP to a "T".

    And most people going will be mates of mates and they'll all be out of the SP within a year. Let's not pretend this is a grass roots movement any more. Like ...I was going to write "Comics" but that industry (if you can call it that, has not existed for almost 40 years.