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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What's Pinterest? Well, I'll Explain (and tell you why I use it)

Pinterest is one of those sites where you can share images.  Not just images but also links to where those images come from.  If other people on Pinterest see an image they like they can share it and the link (both "come as one").

So, when I do a CBO post like this one I will Tweet it.  I'll send it to Face Book groups. Also Google+ which is why CBO gets so many views...though it helps if you post things people like even if you have no idea what they like!

You have to have an image with a post or, obviously, you cannot post it there. It is why some posts with video links will also feature a still image because Pinterest does not accept video links.

To date I have posted 1, 822 images and links. There are a lot of shares or "re-pins" but there is nothing to tell you how many views your items have had (not that I can find anyhow).

But it does mean that apart from Twitter, Face Book, Google+ and other outlets, a comic or book cover is on a site that is constantly looked over by many people. So old images lead to older posts. It is why I wrote recently that even posts 3 years old were still getting new views.

That is what CBO offers publishers or creators.  It's why I Pin every post.

There -clear?  Cool.

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