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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Dr Who -Matt Smith to Return?

Personally, I sincerely hope not.  Peter Capaldi is a fine actor BUT he has been lumbered with some pretty dire story-lines and scripts -the blame there is clearly at Moffatt's door.

We have seen Capaldi give great performances that are lost because the scripts or running of Dr Who is poor.  The big battle where the Doctor takes on the Time Lords. BIG build up.  Damp squib. Talk talk talk and improbable reasons why the not-arch-villain just leaves (which wasn't even shown). Now that has nothing to do with the actor but it has a lot to do with putting a fan boy in charge and directors seemingly not willing to say when something is B A D.

Why did everyone hail Capaldi as the new Doctor then almost immediately start disliking him? There is a rumour.  In fact MANY say that it is far more than a mere rumour. Age.  Capaldi is not a smooth-faced young actor that "people -kids- can relate to" because he just isn't part of the BBC strategy of getting everyone over a certain age kicked out and replacing them with younger people.

Most of the BBCs top programmes featured older actors or presenters and we have seen an internationally popular comedy series that made the BBC a LOT of money -Last of the Summer Wine- cancelled with no one being told until it was announced. Bargain Hunt presenter Tim Wonnacott was kicked out despite being hugely popular and presenting the show for more than a decade.  Now they are trying younger, fresher faces and it is dismal.

David Tennant could have been an excellent Doctor but his character hopped from deep, soul-searching pathos and horror to camp comedy (remember having to eat anchovies and fart after he was poisoned with arsenic?  By the end (remember each show had to have at least 3-4 endings and his final outing just dragged out so long I had to shout "Die, you bastard!"

Matt Smith. Good actor again but some of the stories...abysmal doesn't cover it.

If they brought back Matt Smith it would be like saying "We have run out of creativity and ideas but maybe bringing him back might cover that up?" 

It's interesting to note how fans report being told that Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee would never have been chosen for the Doctor role these days.  Age.

This is all mere rumour and if I had to guess I'd say this was pure bull-shit.  Get rid of Moffatt as everyone has been asking for years.  Keep Capaldi but give him stories and scripts he can use.

Dr Who is more-or-less a spent series now and that's shown by the fact that the BBC scrapped everything and made fans wait until 2017 for new episodes.  Time to pull the plug but go out on a high note?

Rumour Matt Smith To Return?


The Mirror are back with a new Doctor Who rumour, this time stating Matt Smith might be on his way back to Doctor Who…

Their (very vague) report seemingly based on little more than older quotes follows:
Matt Smith may be about to travel back in time to play Doctor Who again.

Show boss Steven Moffat has hinted Smith could be the first of the 12 Doctors to return to the Tardis after regenerating.

Matt, who stars as Prince Phillip in Netflix’s big-budget royal drama The Crown in November, has made no secret of his desire to return, saying last year: “They will ask me back one day, won’t they?”

Matt’s successor Peter Capaldi has been tipped to bow out after the next series, currently being filmed for release in 2017.

And Moffat, who is leaving after his sixth season next year has said Matt is “quite open about how much he misses it, and how much he wishes he hadn’t left”.

Asked by a fan in April if he would play the Doctor again, Matt replied: “I really want to.”
The 32-year-old actor was the 11th Doctor from 2009 to 2013.

Since quitting, Matt has appeared in action movie Terminator Genisys with Arnold Schwarzenegger, comedy horror film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies plus several theatre productions.

Moffat admitted Matt’s decision to leave three years ago was a “tough time”.
He added: “Matt, who was a friend and ally, was leaving. I couldn’t get him to stay. It felt like everything was blowing up around me.”

While on the surface this appears pretty unlikely, it does coincide with some (unverified) Twitter reports this past week claiming that Smith was spotted back in Cardiff recently. With no further actual evidence though take with a healthy dose of salt!

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