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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment -Is THAT News?

Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.  That isn't that big a news item because this happened a while back.  Why is everyone getting so excited now -I think it was back in May that I wrote DC management was "in flux"?

I wouldn't get too excited if I were you, though. Will he save DC Comics?

Which DC Comics? 

You need to narrow that down since DC comics has been rebooted so many times "Nobody loves DC Comics more than Geoff Johns. Nobody."

Yeah, but now he answers to the Suits.  And if his ideas do not bring in big bucks......

Johns is already being hailed as the saviour of DC and given all the credit for the look of movies the trailers of which hit SDCC (I posted a few on CBO).

DC Comics has taken a slamming. I doubt it will ever get its old fan base back and most people seem to be concentrating on the DC movies. Movies are the money. They want to rival or beat Marvel.  The $ is what matters. The bottom line.  Johns is now an executive and all the charm in the world ain't going to hide a company man.

DC movies helped? Maybe. Comics?  You realise that would need another reboot?

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